Top Growing Businesses That Will Shock You

There are many types of businesses in the world. Some are growing faster than others. The businesses you expect to grow at an enormous rate aren’t always the ones that do so, however. We have compiled five different industry sectors that are growing at a rate nobody expected.


Elevator Installation


Installing elevators is a well-paid job because it’s such a specialist job. You also have to remember that the companies asking for elevators to be installed are those that already have huge amounts of money. That allows the businesses in this sector to charge more for their services.


Elevators are critical to the operation of the building, so the businesses are essentially trapped with high prices for installation. The limited number of practitioners in this industry also contributes to high prices. When you look at it this way it should come as no surprise that this sector is making a killing.


Professional Lice Removal Services


Lice removal products usually revolved around prescriptions obtained from doctors. These are expensive and they aren’t always the best treatment for your hair. But a new generation of desert lice removal services is using natural treatments to ensure that lice are removed at an affordable price while keeping your hair safe.


As you can see, professional lice removal services are a growing sector that should be monitored.


Virtual Reality Technology


Technology is always moving forward and no tech niche is moving as quickly as virtual reality. The fact is that virtual reality is moving at a rate previously never seen before. There are more and more uses for virtual reality technology, and industries are increasingly taking it up.


Solar Energy Panels


The climate is back in the news again. The world continues to heat up as the efforts of the world become increasingly futile. That’s why companies that manufacture solar panels are set to make a tremendous amount of money. Solar panels are getting increasingly popular and the potential for market growth in this sector is tremendous.
The next few years will reveal an explosion in growth within this niche.


Fully Autonomous Vehicles


Autonomous vehicles used to be considered a near impossibility because the technology wasn’t there and regulations would prevent the cars from appearing on the public roads. A number of states have authorized tests for fully autonomous cars on public roads.


Not only will this development see an increase in car safety it will certainly trigger a boom in the number of car companies specializing in autonomous cars. What’s particularly interesting is companies like Google also have a position in this market unrelated to their usual line of business.


Conclusion – Be Aware of These Growing Businesses


Everyone from investors to ordinary members of the public should be aware of these growing business sectors. It makes sense to look carefully at these industries because they’re set to shape the world as we know it in the coming months and years.


But it may take some time before these industries reach capacity growth. Which of these industries do you think is going to explode first?


Top Five Reasons Video Projects Fail

Producing a video will always take more than talented camera and editing work. The process must be a well-oiled machine complete with a leader, specialized team members, and top notch communication to keep together all the pieces. There is rarely just one reason why this machine fails, and that is why we have listed the top five reasons why a video production might fail below:

  1. 1.     Communication – It should be no surprise that poor communication is what is most often discovered in a project gone wrong. While there are always other reasons, communication can often be at the root of these failures. Video projects are rarely achieved alone and so it is vital that you share all information in a proactive way. Success requires synchronicity to finish steps quickly and affordably. Set up a meeting to go over your teams communication skills before you learn the hard way. Sometimes it’s just best to find a local production company that will work with you, specially if its a local San Fransisco video production company.
  2. 2.     Timeline – A miscalculated timeline is a miscalculated budget, and going beyond your budget may result in complete project failure. Remember that your employees need to be compensated for their efforts and time thus, you must never underestimate the importance of meeting deadlines. What’s more the client may have been relying on your product at a specific time, and if you fail them that means less business for you in the future. Try imagining up to five different scenarios that might actually delay your project and plan on how you might handle them.
  3. 3.     The details – Many video producers excel at either the big picture thinking, or just the minute details. However, to succeed you will always need both. Projects often begin to fail as a major deadline approaches, putting pressure on a team to execute the detail necessary to satisfy their client. A good strategy is to review past projects in order to identify the details you may be missing by comparison. The same applies for oversight or big picture thinking at the beginning of your project.
  4. 4.     Too much Technology, too little team – Many video producers find themselves at the mercy of either a team or technological tool that is simply not delivering. It is worth it to either fix these broken pieces, or end a contract early, than to suffer the consequences of a failed project two months from now. Though it may cost you a bit now, your wallet will thank you in the end. Always be honest with yourself. If a contract that seemed promising turns sour, lose them before their mistakes become more costly than their value. The same principle applies to technology. If a tool is forcing you and your team to work even hard, find a new one.
  5. 5.     Poor management – Project managers are not only responsible for maintaining the nuts and bolts of project details, but also serve as a symbolic example of the group’s progress. This requires an active role in that you pay attention to each member of the team and their needs. Frequently check in with them to provide advice when there is a struggle. Before chastising an unproductive member, always try to see if they may actually just require your expertise first.

Top Expenses Of A Divorce

There are all kinds of expenses that accompany a divorce, but surely the most egregious of them are lawyers and legal fees. By now, you have probably secured a lawyer and dropped a tidy wad of dough on their services. You should be aware that lawyers have a keen sense of knowing just how much money you have and they will think nothing of withdrawing from representing you as soon as they think they have bled you dry. It’s not fair but it’s how it works in the real world.

If you came into the business of divorce either unwillingly or unwittingly, there may be a period where you were trying to discover what was really going on in your marriage and that may have involved a private investigator. Private investigations can be extremely illuminating but they are not without cost. Even measures you can implement on your own can ring up some real expenses.

Mediation can be a good thing particularly if it works to your benefit. You should not enter into mediation without a vision of what you expect to get out of it and that includes setting some goals ahead of time. Mediation is not without expense and you will discover that the hourly rate can be breathtaking, but the potential to save trouble down the line may maks it all worthwhile.

Some things do not lend to being divided in half and under such circumstances somebody wins and somebody loses. Having to sell your possessions by order of a judge most often means you are not going to get the value out of them you might expect. You will need to allocate some time to getting it all sorted out and if you need to advertise the sale of the property, you will need to budget that as well. Should you need to sell a house or a car, there will likely be commissions you will need to pay realtors and car brokers.

Chances are that one of you has been kicked out of the house and it’s probably you! You’re going to need a place to live as you transition back to the single life. It’s likely an unexpected but very real drain on your monthly outlay. Other monthly payments still need to be made and those include utilities, possibly on two places. Things like car payments, insurance premiums along with other bills will be ever present.

It may not be the first thing on your mind but it may be to your advantage to get some pointers on the coping skills you will need to bring to bear to get through these bad times. A divorce can be a very life altering experience on par with someone having died, and you shouldn’t have to face it on your own without some professional advice.

Making The Most Of A New Life

Like it or not, for better or for worse, your life has changed. It may not of been of your choosing or perhaps it was but one thing’s for sure, your future is about to change. There is no reason this has to be a bad thing. In fact, it can be a great thing! A clean slate, a fresh start! You’re going to be able to meet new people and explore new ideas. Almost always, divorces create economic strife. The legal fees, the court imposed settlements, they all tend to drain bank accounts. You’re going to need to concentrate harder than ever to rallying your business activities and up your game in the earnings department if you’re going to get through it.

There are plenty of new opportunities for you to consider when it comes to supplementing your income. Some of them can also be fun and you are going to have some extra time to explore them. Fine tuning your social media skills is one point of departure that can conceivably help both your personal life and your business visibility. You can start by looking at what others have done in these forums. Think about how you’d like to be described in your profile. Think about all the things that are important to you and consider elaborating on them.

Almost every week, there are activities that take place in your community that you may have never considered participating in. They’re generally found listed in the local paper and on the various regional Internet billboards like Craigslist. You may have had a hobby before your marriage that got put on hold when you became married. It might be time to revisit that hobby that provided you with joy in the past and can do so again. It is quite remarkable just how technology has advanced so rapidly in the last few years. If you haven’t been staying right on top of it, you may discover some very exciting things that are worthy of your exploration.

Because you’re not encumbered with a wife anymore, you are allowed to start dating again. Depending on your particular circumstances, that can be a very consuming activity. Needless to say, making a rapid commitment right away is probably not a good idea. You should never be in a hurry to potentially make a mistake. If you’ve never kept a diary before, it may be a good time to start. Part of the reason is that it will help you keep the passage of time recorded and that will further help you keep things in perspective as the days, weeks and months pass. Keeping an account of your activities and describing their meaning to you can really help you sort things out when the time comes for you to reflect on your progress at this special time in your life. Whenever possible, you should make an effort to create a savings account and start putting away as much money as you can afford. Even a small amount is better than nothing! You are now responsible for yourself and you have to take good care if you are going to get through this time in good shape.

Investments To Rethink Now That I’m Single

The first consideration when it comes to your investments is generally the realization that suddenly you only have half of your wealth left. When you get such a dramatic reduction of wealth, you may not be able to keep it in the same places. Under all circumstances, you are going to want to keep yourself diversified. If you enter into your divorce with a substantial portfolio, you will want to seek professional investment advice from an estate planner who can guide you as to where to keep the money. More often than not, the pressures of a divorce seriously drain away any substantial wealth and the victim here is your bank account. You are going to need to rethink everything and adapt like you are starting all over again!

Your employment status will dictate the best way to go about your investment strategy. It’s hard to get by now a days with an income less than $50K. You may have obligations for alimony or child support to calculate into your budget. At the moment, there are rumors abounding about a looming, global economic slump. Indicators like China selling off investments and the price of oil bottoming out are indicators. The stock market has been off it’s great highs of 2015 ever since 2016 began. There’s a pretty good chance you are going to see it go down even further in the near future. That is always a good time to buy.

Fifty years ago, many stocks would pay dividends, usually quarterly and a person properly invested in stocks could live off the income generated by such dividends. Wall Street has changed over the years and you now have to hunt to find a stock that pays out dividends. Before the global price of oil went into the toilet, we had a burgeoning domestic oil industry threatening to make us energy independent from the Arabian oil barons.

When global oil goes down to $30 a barrel, it makes domestic production unprofitable. Oil barons in Saudi Arabia and other far flung places know this so they drop their selling prices and put the Americans out of business. They’ve done this again and again, historically. It makes investing in U.S. oil production a disaster and these are the very same types of industrial investments that paid out great dividends just fifty years ago!

How about big pharma? You can hardly turn on the TV without seeing an ad for some prescription medicine or an ad from a lawyer suing them. Is the pharmaceutical sector a good place to put your money? You should do your homework and find the list of pharmaceutical stocks that pay reasonable dividends. Take a look at their track record and make sure they’re not involved in a class-action law suit for any reason. Look at their long-term vitality then purchase a modest amount of that stock. Remember, you want to buy on a day when the market is suppressed! After less than a year, you will see how much better return you get with your money this way as opposed to most other strategies!

Holiday Tips For Divorced Families

Perhaps you are new to divorce and aren’t sure how you might be expected to get through the holidays. There are all kinds of different family scenarios that can play out. In general, the length of time you were in a relationship with your now ex-spouse has plenty to do with how badly these holiday times can play out for you. If there are children in the mix, it makes for an even greater potential heartbreak.

There’s a good chance you exhausted all your money on lawyers and got a less than desirable result. There is a playbook that lawyers typically employ on the husband in a divorce with children. It starts by insinuating a scenario that there is domestic violence. This allows for a protection order to be granted. This is a pretty good holiday wrecker in and of itself, particularly if you end up receiving supervised visitation. Protection orders can include very strict no contact provisions where you are unable to communicate with your children. Such restrictions may also stipulate against using a third party such as a friend to help get messages through. It’s not good but you will need to handle things through your lawyer who, in their capacity as an officer of the court has more power in this situation than you do. You are going to need to maintain your business relationships and earn as much money as you can to keep your legal representatives retained. While there are organizations that offer support and reduced price legal help, they are not everywhere and unfortunately you are now in a situation you will be dealing with legally for the rest of your life.

Separation from what you may had considered to be a lifetime of future holiday celebrations is gut wrenching. It’s easy to drown your sorrows in vices like drinking and worse but you should absolutely avoid such temptations. The reality of the matter is you have to try even harder than ever to get yourself back on track. The world has shifted about you and now you need to re-adjust your footing. You are now presented with an opportunity. You can reshape, remold your entire life and this time, you are going to do everything you can to bullet proof yourself against any missteps.

After all, you already had family values taught to you from your own childhood. There is no reason to abandon them. If, due to a divorce, you are disassociated from your family during the holidays, there are still positive measures you can take to edify the spirit of those holidays. A time honored way to celebrate holidays is with greeting cards. There is no reason you can’t find or create a nice greeting card and share it with your friends and loved one’s. It is a fairly inexpensive way to help reinforce your relationships. When there are protection orders in place, you will need to have your attorney advise you and possibly forward your communications through the proper channels.

Blogging is a popular new way to make your thoughts known. You may not be able to spend the holidays directly with your now ex family but you can write about your thoughts and provide them with well wishes online in a place they can access. This includes the possibility of v-blogs or video messages you can record and upload. Providing the Internet doesn’t collapse, these messages can serve to preserve your well wishes each and every holiday, birthday and other ceremonial dates for years to come!

Do Singles Need Life Insurance?

Life insurance comes in all kinds of flavors. Some of them are perfect for when you’re married and have children. They can be had for a variety of price points and serve to protect your family from a sudden and unexpected death. Divorce changes things. Now, you are going to have to look at a life insurance policy in a different way. It needs to be considered for it’s value as an instrument of investment.

Taking Care of Your Children
The cheap life insurance is something you pay for and get virtually nothing out of it unless you die, then, you don’t really get anything personally out of that, do you? The beneficiaries on your policy are the significant consideration here, and if it is your children it can be a very worthwhile consideration. You may have had an ugly, contested divorce and hate your ex, but you  love your children and don’t want to take it out on them. Making them the beneficiaries of a life insurance policy on you would be a real plus here because it will reinforce them knowing that you care about them.

As An Investment Strategy
The notion that using life insurance as an investment strategy would be specious. The life insurance company has to make some money off of it and that starts with big commission they pay to the agent who sells you the policy! Thus, if you don’t have children or anyone else to consider, you might want to take the monies you might otherwise spend on life insurance premiums, and put it into a different investment strategy. Keep in mind that you are seeking to grow your money in a secure fashion that is going to build up an account that would be competitive with what you might accrue with a whole life insurance policy.

That could mean investing in the stock market . . . which has been a roller coaster ride in the past few years. It could be hedging your bet by having some precious metals in your portfolio but beware! If you keep them on hand they can be stolen. If you bank them with the metal exchange they can go out of business and you lose it all.

Finally, there are forms of life insurance that lie outside the normal types, they more closely resemble the form factor of an annuity. These can consist of a one-time payment that buys you a big payout (or at least your beneficiaries) when you pass away. Considering how much cash you have on hand, this could be a good way to protect your loved ones and get back to work making money. By now, you know you’re going to need plenty of it!

The Success of My Marriage

Anyone who has ever married knows the importance of financial stability. I agree that love surpasses all factors, but finances play an important role in a relationship. A lot of people neglect this issue only to realize that they should have discussed it early even before deciding to settle. It is true that the future is uncertain, but that is not a license to live a life that is free falling. Below are a few things that have helped my partner and I be stable financially from the time we decided to get into marriage.

Giving should be a priority
This is often ignored but it is the best way to keep rule over money. A lot of people think that the more you keep and hoard things the richer you become. The principle of life is, you reap what you give. We learned this in our marriage early enough after observing what a few rich people did.

We realized that among their priorities is giving, not just giving people jobs, but donating to charity organizations, sponsoring orphans and so on. We started by giving to our local church, and then we moved to the nearby orphanage. The most pleasant part is that the more we have been giving, the more opportunities to make money we have come across.

Spending should be managed well
In as much as we are givers, this does not mean that we spend carelessly. We are all aware of budgeting and planning, this is a means by which we have come to realize how to spend and be accountable for what we spend. The problem of having money without a plan is that it can be placed anywhere. This is a dangerous position to find yourself in with money. A plan for my finances tells us where we are heading in terms of spending our money.

I prefer spending time with my partner planning, sometimes even for hours depending on the project, than to spend time accusing each other of spending badly. A pen and paper budget still works great; technology has brought us software that has helped us plan our finances. We do not  have an excuse to be bad spenders.

Alternative source of income should be looked into
If the first two principles are handled right, it becomes easier to invest. Financial stability in marriage is not just about giving and spending. When we spent well the extra penny that remained, we saved and soon enough it was clear for us that we needed to invest.

When the kids came, more responsibilities arose and had we not invested wisely, we would be struggling to meet the very basic things our kids need. Do not get me wrong, we do treat ourselves from time to time, but we ensure that our investment ambitions continue. A wise investment plan has given us some space in our budget.

Saving for emergencies should be upheld
Taking insurance is not a bad idea since we never know when sickness will come. Besides, whenever we budget, we ensure that a certain percentage of our monthly income goes to special savings for emergencies such as accidents and funerals. We decided way back that we will avoid being caught off guard by circumstances. Set some money aside for any unplanned thing that may happen to you.
Being good stewards of finances is a thing that we are still learning and there are many other ways of ensuring stability. The earlier you start the better, do not wait for the perfect time because money will never get you there. Learn to manage the little you have, as this is a principle we have applied in our marriage and it has worked pretty well.

How The Downfall Started

Anyone who has ever been in a relationship has experienced the fact that there will come times when things will be on the rocks, and marriage is not exceptional. After the honeymoon things change as the two who became one now start making decisions as one. If one makes a decision, it affects the other and sometimes the results are good, sometimes they are bad, and the worst case is a divorce. To some, this seems like a good option when things are not working, but to me, it was the worst experience of my life. After analysis of the time we were together with my wife, these are some of the marriage killers I learned.

Lack of intimacy
Among the ingredients of a marriage is love, passion and trust, but for all these to make sense, a couple must strive to be intimate. Intimacy is all about total connection: spiritually, emotionally and mentally. In the early days of our marriage, it looked like we were intimate; we could do things together; there were things I knew she would like even without asking her. The place where this began to fall apart is when we both got more responsibilities at work. This meant we had little time together and most of the time, we were too tired to stay awake. We took higher paying jobs at the expense of our intimacy.

Finding satisfaction elsewhere
Initially, when we started spending time away from each other, we would find ways of making up for this. We would make use of free weekends and so on. But after a while, we started skipping these important dates and things went south. The worst part is that, we got so accustomed to this that we stopped missing each other.

The phone calls became fewer and the love messages dwindled. On my side, this opened my eyes to start seeing others in the office. My weakness for other women was exposed and I gave in. Even though I did it secretly, the results were obvious. I no longer desired sex with my wife as I could get it somewhere else. This worsened our relationship and before I knew it, I started suspecting her for cheating, I guess it is true what they say, guilt breeds suspicion.

Loss of interest
Marriage should be approached as a life time thing, but even with such knowledge, a lot of marriages fail due to temporal reasons such as when a spouse gains weight, falls sick or loses their job. People who marry for money, beauty and other things that do not guarantee sustenance are usually the first to fall off the tree of marriage. Such couples end up cheating on each other in the end.

Life is dynamic and people change; the slim figure you married today will become a round shape tomorrow, hence be prepared for that if you do not want to end up in a divorce. The longer my wife stayed at work, the less time she spent at the gym. This affected her physical appearance. Stress at work made her turn to eating for relief, and that is how she grew bigger. I lost my interest in her.

When a marriage is still in the honeymoon stage, couples tend to appreciate each other for the lamest of reasons. But as couples grow old, they become familiar with each other and forget the things that made their marriage rosy. Ours did not need to take long as we neglected our own duties in the house and when we did things for each other, none of us said thank you. Occasionally we would fight over this. These little things changed the purpose of our marriage and it was the beginning of the end.

What I Learned From My Failed Marriage

When a beautiful rose stops giving scent, it becomes subject to being trampled upon and crushed under the feet. That is exactly what a failed marriage is. Marriage is designed to bring two different people under one roof for great moments for a lifetime, but this is not the case, as a good number have ended in a divorce. And, mine was not exceptional. From our honeymoon, we were the love birds that no one could separate, but a time came when we did not want to even look at each other. Though my marriage failed, it was not all lost as I gathered a few lessons to go on with in life.

Sexual intimacy should not be compromised
The truth is, on my side, I needed sex regularly and on a higher frequency than my spouse preferred. This prompted me to go out there and look for alternative ways of satisfaction. Soon enough, I ended up starting to stay out longer than I should, and this did not go well with my spouse. This prompted her to stalk me until she caught me having an affair.

Our relationship never recovered to what it used to be. The fact is our marriage broke up due to lack of sexual intimacy. We could have talked about it, but we both thought preferring it in different ways was ok. I learned that issues to deal with sexual intimacy should be sorted out as early as possible to avoid disaster in the future.

Even if this did not happen early in our marriage, we would still have had problems because the older we grow, the less sex we desire, especially for women. So, if this is not handled early enough, it will be the dividing factor in the marriage.

Know the other person
Emotions can be very deceptive and that is why I always advice against making decisions emotionally. In the early stages of the marriage, you will be drawn to each other due to chemical reactions that the body produces. This should not be the reason why you get into a marriage.

I did not take time to study things and learn my spouse enough, and this manifested after we had gotten married. Take time and know the other person; know what they like and they do not like as well as their family, among other things. Get to know the person you are meant to spend the rest of your life with very well.

Know yourself first
The worst thing I did was that I took time to learn my spouse (which I also did not do well), yet I did not know myself. I got married at 21 without knowing clearly who I was at that time. I was clouded by the idea of marriage so much that I forgot to know the things that really mattered to me. I advise against making decisions without knowing what you are offering. I should have taken time and known what exactly I was offering my wife at that time.