Top Growing Businesses That Will Shock You

There are many types of businesses in the world. Some are growing faster than others. The businesses you expect to grow at an enormous rate aren’t always the ones that do so, however. We have compiled five different industry sectors that are growing at a rate nobody expected.


Elevator Installation


Installing elevators is a well-paid job because it’s such a specialist job. You also have to remember that the companies asking for elevators to be installed are those that already have huge amounts of money. That allows the businesses in this sector to charge more for their services.


Elevators are critical to the operation of the building, so the businesses are essentially trapped with high prices for installation. The limited number of practitioners in this industry also contributes to high prices. When you look at it this way it should come as no surprise that this sector is making a killing.


Professional Lice Removal Services


Lice removal products usually revolved around prescriptions obtained from doctors. These are expensive and they aren’t always the best treatment for your hair. But a new generation of desert lice removal services is using natural treatments to ensure that lice are removed at an affordable price while keeping your hair safe.


As you can see, professional lice removal services are a growing sector that should be monitored.


Virtual Reality Technology


Technology is always moving forward and no tech niche is moving as quickly as virtual reality. The fact is that virtual reality is moving at a rate previously never seen before. There are more and more uses for virtual reality technology, and industries are increasingly taking it up.


Solar Energy Panels


The climate is back in the news again. The world continues to heat up as the efforts of the world become increasingly futile. That’s why companies that manufacture solar panels are set to make a tremendous amount of money. Solar panels are getting increasingly popular and the potential for market growth in this sector is tremendous.
The next few years will reveal an explosion in growth within this niche.


Fully Autonomous Vehicles


Autonomous vehicles used to be considered a near impossibility because the technology wasn’t there and regulations would prevent the cars from appearing on the public roads. A number of states have authorized tests for fully autonomous cars on public roads.


Not only will this development see an increase in car safety it will certainly trigger a boom in the number of car companies specializing in autonomous cars. What’s particularly interesting is companies like Google also have a position in this market unrelated to their usual line of business.


Conclusion – Be Aware of These Growing Businesses


Everyone from investors to ordinary members of the public should be aware of these growing business sectors. It makes sense to look carefully at these industries because they’re set to shape the world as we know it in the coming months and years.


But it may take some time before these industries reach capacity growth. Which of these industries do you think is going to explode first?


Top Five Reasons Video Projects Fail

Producing a video will always take more than talented camera and editing work. The process must be a well-oiled machine complete with a leader, specialized team members, and top notch communication to keep together all the pieces. There is rarely just one reason why this machine fails, and that is why we have listed the top five reasons why a video production might fail below:

  1. 1.     Communication – It should be no surprise that poor communication is what is most often discovered in a project gone wrong. While there are always other reasons, communication can often be at the root of these failures. Video projects are rarely achieved alone and so it is vital that you share all information in a proactive way. Success requires synchronicity to finish steps quickly and affordably. Set up a meeting to go over your teams communication skills before you learn the hard way. Sometimes it’s just best to find a local production company that will work with you, specially if its a local San Fransisco video production company.
  2. 2.     Timeline – A miscalculated timeline is a miscalculated budget, and going beyond your budget may result in complete project failure. Remember that your employees need to be compensated for their efforts and time thus, you must never underestimate the importance of meeting deadlines. What’s more the client may have been relying on your product at a specific time, and if you fail them that means less business for you in the future. Try imagining up to five different scenarios that might actually delay your project and plan on how you might handle them.
  3. 3.     The details – Many video producers excel at either the big picture thinking, or just the minute details. However, to succeed you will always need both. Projects often begin to fail as a major deadline approaches, putting pressure on a team to execute the detail necessary to satisfy their client. A good strategy is to review past projects in order to identify the details you may be missing by comparison. The same applies for oversight or big picture thinking at the beginning of your project.
  4. 4.     Too much Technology, too little team – Many video producers find themselves at the mercy of either a team or technological tool that is simply not delivering. It is worth it to either fix these broken pieces, or end a contract early, than to suffer the consequences of a failed project two months from now. Though it may cost you a bit now, your wallet will thank you in the end. Always be honest with yourself. If a contract that seemed promising turns sour, lose them before their mistakes become more costly than their value. The same principle applies to technology. If a tool is forcing you and your team to work even hard, find a new one.
  5. 5.     Poor management – Project managers are not only responsible for maintaining the nuts and bolts of project details, but also serve as a symbolic example of the group’s progress. This requires an active role in that you pay attention to each member of the team and their needs. Frequently check in with them to provide advice when there is a struggle. Before chastising an unproductive member, always try to see if they may actually just require your expertise first.

Investments To Rethink Now That I’m Single

The first consideration when it comes to your investments is generally the realization that suddenly you only have half of your wealth left. When you get such a dramatic reduction of wealth, you may not be able to keep it in the same places. Under all circumstances, you are going to want to keep yourself diversified. If you enter into your divorce with a substantial portfolio, you will want to seek professional investment advice from an estate planner who can guide you as to where to keep the money. More often than not, the pressures of a divorce seriously drain away any substantial wealth and the victim here is your bank account. You are going to need to rethink everything and adapt like you are starting all over again!

Your employment status will dictate the best way to go about your investment strategy. It’s hard to get by now a days with an income less than $50K. You may have obligations for alimony or child support to calculate into your budget. At the moment, there are rumors abounding about a looming, global economic slump. Indicators like China selling off investments and the price of oil bottoming out are indicators. The stock market has been off it’s great highs of 2015 ever since 2016 began. There’s a pretty good chance you are going to see it go down even further in the near future. That is always a good time to buy.

Fifty years ago, many stocks would pay dividends, usually quarterly and a person properly invested in stocks could live off the income generated by such dividends. Wall Street has changed over the years and you now have to hunt to find a stock that pays out dividends. Before the global price of oil went into the toilet, we had a burgeoning domestic oil industry threatening to make us energy independent from the Arabian oil barons.

When global oil goes down to $30 a barrel, it makes domestic production unprofitable. Oil barons in Saudi Arabia and other far flung places know this so they drop their selling prices and put the Americans out of business. They’ve done this again and again, historically. It makes investing in U.S. oil production a disaster and these are the very same types of industrial investments that paid out great dividends just fifty years ago!

How about big pharma? You can hardly turn on the TV without seeing an ad for some prescription medicine or an ad from a lawyer suing them. Is the pharmaceutical sector a good place to put your money? You should do your homework and find the list of pharmaceutical stocks that pay reasonable dividends. Take a look at their track record and make sure they’re not involved in a class-action law suit for any reason. Look at their long-term vitality then purchase a modest amount of that stock. Remember, you want to buy on a day when the market is suppressed! After less than a year, you will see how much better return you get with your money this way as opposed to most other strategies!

The Financial Struggle To Divorce

If there is one thing that helps marriages break, its money, and at times it does not have to be a lot. If, in the past, people have killed their spouses for money, what prevents a divorce in a marriage because of money? The solutions are in identifying the problems, some of, which I have personally experienced in my own marriage. These are things that if neglected can cause deeper rifts between a couple that seemed so perfectly together. Let us take a look at some of these factors as we dissect a few truths.

Differences in spending values
When couples do not handle their values well, this can lead to divorce especially in matters related to money. If I think that 20 percent of our money should go into leisure, yet my spouse believes that the same should go into savings for children’s college, already a rift has been created. If one party insists without giving a valid reason why one way is better and not the other, this breeds problems. How both spouses value the use of money determines how other areas of the relationship will be handled.

Addictions and passions
There are characters that need to be worked on before one gets into marriage unless both spouses agree to it. Characters such as gambling have a high reputation of breaking marriages. The worst part is if it is done in secret, trying to keep the other from knowing. The day things will come to light might be the end of the marriage. This also still touches on the issue of values of spending money. If I can keep secrets about gambling and other addictions from my spouse, what other secrets am I keeping?

Financial instability
Lack of a source of incomes can be a motivation for one party to love the other even more, but in a number of cases, it has proved to be the dividing factor. Lack of finances brings to light the things that are dear to one. Couples differ on what costs to cut, and what costs to retain. If I hold entertainment dear and my spouse suggests that we do away with the television and the music system, already there is a problem created. Couples have divorced over such issues.

Money comes with power and the one who controls money, may have power over the other. If this is not put in check, it can lead to separation. Learning to deal with financial issues can help protect our marriages and prevent divorce.

Financial Planning For A Single’s Future

Everyone needs to plan for their finances given the uncertain nature of the future. We cannot also live hoping nothing bad will happen and all things will be well. For things to be better in the future some intentional planning must be done to avoid being in a tough position. To be wise, do not eat everything earned; do some investing that will ensure the future is safe. This does not guarantee a 100 percent safe future, but not planning is almost always a guarantee of a dull future.

Take insurance coverage
Losing insurance coverage is a common thing after divorce; the worst is a lot of people find themselves bankrupt for not being able to pay their medical bills. It is wise to include medical coverage in the emergency plan for the future. The other coverage necessary is disability insurance coverage. This is even more important to single parents who do not get money from their spouses to reduce the financial gap.

Check with your employer if the coverage comes with other benefits. Life insurance is also a wise move as a single parent. The type of life insurance coverage I need depends on my needs; I determine this by knowing what I would want my money to do.

Strengthen the cash flow
Cash flow can be irregular at times, but most single parents may be receiving Social Security benefits for children, alimony for payments, child support or insurance payments. The disadvantage is that over time, such payments reduce or stop completely. Projecting ahead is a wise move; the first option is to invest in other sources of income with the money received, or to adjust lifestyle in readiness for future hard times.

Setting up a trust can also be a good thing. I ensure my children’s future is safe by setting up a trust in which my assets are held for my children.

Being safe for emergencies
You do not have to send memos for emergencies to come your way; most people are caught off guard a number of times, but I decided it will not be me. I laid aside some money adequate enough to act as my financial net that will keep me safe on rainy days. Businesses can endure hard times, but with an emergency fund somewhere, safety is guaranteed. The general rule is to create a six-month emergency fund savings for the family, something that worked fine for me.