Top Five Reasons Video Projects Fail

Producing a video will always take more than talented camera and editing work. The process must be a well-oiled machine complete with a leader, specialized team members, and top notch communication to keep together all the pieces. There is rarely just one reason why this machine fails, and that is why we have listed the top five reasons why a video production might fail below:

  1. 1.     Communication – It should be no surprise that poor communication is what is most often discovered in a project gone wrong. While there are always other reasons, communication can often be at the root of these failures. Video projects are rarely achieved alone and so it is vital that you share all information in a proactive way. Success requires synchronicity to finish steps quickly and affordably. Set up a meeting to go over your teams communication skills before you learn the hard way. Sometimes it’s just best to find a local production company that will work with you, specially if its a local San Fransisco video production company.
  2. 2.     Timeline – A miscalculated timeline is a miscalculated budget, and going beyond your budget may result in complete project failure. Remember that your employees need to be compensated for their efforts and time thus, you must never underestimate the importance of meeting deadlines. What’s more the client may have been relying on your product at a specific time, and if you fail them that means less business for you in the future. Try imagining up to five different scenarios that might actually delay your project and plan on how you might handle them.
  3. 3.     The details – Many video producers excel at either the big picture thinking, or just the minute details. However, to succeed you will always need both. Projects often begin to fail as a major deadline approaches, putting pressure on a team to execute the detail necessary to satisfy their client. A good strategy is to review past projects in order to identify the details you may be missing by comparison. The same applies for oversight or big picture thinking at the beginning of your project.
  4. 4.     Too much Technology, too little team – Many video producers find themselves at the mercy of either a team or technological tool that is simply not delivering. It is worth it to either fix these broken pieces, or end a contract early, than to suffer the consequences of a failed project two months from now. Though it may cost you a bit now, your wallet will thank you in the end. Always be honest with yourself. If a contract that seemed promising turns sour, lose them before their mistakes become more costly than their value. The same principle applies to technology. If a tool is forcing you and your team to work even hard, find a new one.
  5. 5.     Poor management – Project managers are not only responsible for maintaining the nuts and bolts of project details, but also serve as a symbolic example of the group’s progress. This requires an active role in that you pay attention to each member of the team and their needs. Frequently check in with them to provide advice when there is a struggle. Before chastising an unproductive member, always try to see if they may actually just require your expertise first.